“This work begins with the understanding of yourself: your range and patterns of movement, and how they contribute to your total understanding of Life. You are provided with a vehicle to expand,express and ultimately, free yourself.”

—Kahu Abraham Kawai’i

Lomilomi Nui Massage Kahuna Bodywork

This massage is known by different names, for example, Schamanic Hawaiian Bodywork, Lomilomi Nui and more. It is ancient traditional work that goes beyond a simple massage. The aspects of this work are physical, spiritual and emotional.

Hawaiian Massage (Kahuna Bodywork) is dynamic and relaxing at once. We work with forearms, hands and our own body weight to realign the client’s body. The massage flows like a wave. The dissolving of tension and blockages of energy set resources free and make them available for the client. Purification. Smoothness. Security. Transformation. Regeneration. Progress.

Traditional Hawaiian Kahuna healers knew the sacred and holy traditions to release body tensions and the flow of energy so that physical, emotional and mental healing were able to happen. This massage helps us with realignment of body and mind. It helps us to renew and to bring change to your life. Hawaiian massage is a holistic treatment. Hawaiian massage is made with warm oil and consists of repetitive harmonic movements, different deep body techniques, joint manipulation, acupressure. This Massage is possible to give for persons of all ages and also pregnant women.



Who is the Kahuna?
Kahu Abraham Kawai’i was a Kahuna who has made the Kahuna Sciences accessible for non-Hawaiians he developed the Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork (Lomilomi Nui)

This work is intense, complex and multidimensional. There is much to discover beyond language and explanations. The body awareness and the body itself are the key and the bridge to the soul that can be experienced in its depth, this work is in every aspect a journey to yourself.

The work itself promotes healing evolution of thought and spirit and greater possibility for a happy existence.

“To change one’s mind is to change one’s pattern, To change one’s pattern is to change one’s life.”

Kahu Abraham Kawai’i

Kahuna Bodywork include Massage, Streching Ho‘omanamana, Flying Kaʻaleleau, Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian Geomancy Huli honua


Streching Ho‘omanamana
Stretching is expansion. Extension. Your learn about feeling yourself your body while doing this exercise. Melting. Observing. Stretching calms the mind, grounds the body and provides flexibility. Relaxation. Softness. Presence.

Flying is a dance, a meditation in motion. Flying is rhythm, music, flexibility, navigation. Flying is a key to yourself and to your truth. Flying grounds your body, lets you overcome resistance and makes you smooth. Flying brings ease and delight on many levels. Flying balances and leads to harmony. Flying is the elementary step and basis for the massage.. Flying moves.

Ancestor work. Peace. Balance.
Seeing and acknowledging what is really core of the problem. Finding resolutions for old conflicts. Change and solve them gently. Finding new ways of transformation. Ho’oponopono is always adjusted to the situation of the individual in this life.

Huli honua
Hawaiian Geomancy is similar to Feng Shui but very different because it comes from your awareness as a human being. Awareness of the flow of energy in rooms, houses and land and how to harmonize these energies. You get to know how to modify and direct these energies to raise the quality of life. Creating balance and harmony through the use of colors and objects. Open up new perspectives and unfold creativity. Discover that everything is alive and has needs like all of us. Learn how to balance the (your) needs and how to have the environment begin to contribute to our lives.