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Incredible Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage made by professional Dagmara Saarinen has been for me a very interesting and pleasant but also deep and touching experience every time. Massage and chanting of Hawaiian mantras make physical body and mind to go together to a deep healing process. After the treatment the feeling has been really relaxed and grateful.

I warmly recommend Dagmara´s wonderful massage ceremony.

Ritva, Helsinki


“Thank you for your deeply loving and healing attention. I encourage everyone who reads this post to book a session as quickly as possible. “ Big love to you  – tammy   

Tammy Burstein, New York


It is never "just" a massage with Dagmara, it is healing in so many levels. Dagmara has the gift to see through a false facade, and then help you with what you need in that moment and give you the tools to start working on yourself. Her massages are very deep and transformative on many levels .. but most of all she really cares and loves what she does and this you can really feel. I cannot recommend her highly enough, try it out

Tiina Maenpa, Helsinki


“Dagmara , you did a deep work on me. Thank you so much. It was a journey which I havent expect before and I am so grateful for such a deep healing inside of me. “

Marika Heinemann, Berlin


“Jonathan and I have had deep and magical body work with  Dagmara. Healing, loving, releasing. “

Amber Ryan Horan, New York


“Lorca and I both had deep deep sessions with these guys – full on, buckle your seat-belt bodywork. Generous, attentive, catalytic. Recommended.”

Adam Barley, Stroud


“Thank you so much for a magical journey into my own body’s ability to surrender and let go of shit not needed anymore!
If you have the opportunity don’t miss the chance to get some magical healing bodywork by the hands of Dagmara.”

Jenny Knecht, New York


Thank you so much, Dagmara, for getting me REALLY back into my body! Feeling the dynamic aliveness again… An intense process, so powerfully worked out by your incredible kinesthetic skill and heartfelt art: an intense journey going thru pain and singing, to end with relief to sink into stillness. Also days after the Massage the effect of lightness and felt power was tremendous: Thank you! :-)) ”

Nochmals vielen Dank und bis bald!

Gregor, Berlin


“Lomi Lomi with Dagmara lt was an incredible experience for me. During the massage I felt deep connection with Dagmara, just like she exactly knew what I (my body and my spirit) need. I also felt that she took away my anger, and all negative emotions I used to cumulate in my body for years, and replaced them with deep, unconditional love. Dagmara is a miracle worker, and what is the most important she really put her heart into her work. I am so happy that I was a part of this experience and I would love to recommend her to everybody.”

Kasia Wrzesniewska, New York


“Dagmara  you are generous : heart, body, and mind. Fully connected to heal your wounds. They find what your mind is hiding from you and don’t give up until your body surrenders and let it go, incredible deep, intense, calm, loving – It was my first lomi lomi experience, i came back 4 times !! Can’t wait to get together with her again, If she is around, make yourself a present and go for it. Aloha.”

Jean-Paul Gervaiseau, Paris
Paris based Executive producer Latitudes Films


“It was amazing experience, it took me really deep  this journey through the body’s landscape after layers of stifness and blocks, through sweat and pain  I arrived somewhere with no memories just a vast space and light, and my shaking bodyin all-embracing, boundless relief..I came back few years younger,on my face and in my heart Smiling.”

Dariusz ( Stroud)


“Dagmara, vielen lieben Dank für die magische Stunde mit Lomi Lomi. Es war bei weitem, die beste Massage, die ich jemals erleben dürfte. Tiefgreifende Lösung der körperlichen und emotionalen Blokaden mit viel Liebe gemeistert! I love you! and thank you!  🙂 ♥ “

Wioletta Ladyko, Berlin


Don’t be fooled. This isn’t just a regular massage. This is energy work, healing and balancing on all levels. Physical as well as emotional. Daga takes a holistic and loving approach to working with you and your body. I’ve never experienced anything like it and can’t recommend enough coming here, whether it’s to treat your body to some time to just be, or to take yourself on a truly transformational personal journey. It’s all here for you.

Anna Myren, Helsinki


“Heilung, Lösung von Blockaden und tiefgehende Transformation – Eine sehr kräftige, tiefgehende und im besten Sinne unsentimentale Massage: ohne Hawai-brimborium, dafür mit viel Herz-liebe und Reinheit. Auch zwei Wochen nach der Massagesession bin ich merklich entspannter zb in den Beinen. Wirklich empfehlenswert.  Gönnt Euch mindestens eine Massagesession, besser wohl mehrere 🙂 ”

Ramos Peter Strzygowski, Berlin

“Thank you so much  Dagmara for the kindness, your integrity and the love towards me and my body during the journey you were taking me in. An experience with a lot of depth and catalisation. I fully recommend Dagmara and her work. So if you be in Costa Rice with her….make sure you book her. Otherwise you have to travel to Berlin to get an experience like this.” Aloha..Marc

Marc Lenderfers, Amsterdam


“What a loving, deep and sensitive journey into my own body wisdom! I am awake, touched and healing from deep within. Thank you and may you have many more grateful clients like me… “ Aloha*****Julia.

Julia Wolfermann, New York


Dagmara worked on me for two hours which resulted in an incredible release. Her work allowed me to confront my challenges head on and realize freedom through letting go. She had me set an intention the night before which I carry with me now that I’ve been a recipient of her healing work.”

Darell Duane, Washington DC


“Deux heures, un voyage, un travail en profondeur, une prière. Two hours, a journey, deep work, prayer. Dagmara`s hands are heartful and gently powerful and presence is pure light and care.”

Lucie Nerot, Paris


“It’s a wonderful opportunity to go deep into the body. I loved the sessions I got from you. Thanks you so much.”  Dagmar

Dagmar Cee, Berlin